Solar control tint

Creating Comfort In Workspaces

We have the capacity to manage large projects and our portfolio extends beyond clients such as Porsche and Tesco in bringing solar control to their commercial and retail spaces. Contact us today to see how we can help you create a more safe and comfortable space for clients, customers, and employees.

The installation of our solar control window tint can drastically improve the efficiency of your building. Our films are designed to reject heat and glare by up to 90% which drastically will reduce the need for air conditioning use or eliminate it entirely!

At Glacier Tinting we have the speciality and skills to install top of the line solar control tint to your commercial space, by investing in solar control window tint, you can ensure your everyday workspace brings you the comfort you deserve! Statistics show that cooling a building can take up to 3 times more energy than heating it, Solar energy and glare that enters your building through ordinary glass windows as radiated heat, light and glare can make everyday tasks very uncomfortable.

We offer a multitude of tint that offers fantastic solar control that can be applied to virtually any window by one of our trained experts. Some films you may want to consider could be:

  • Mirrored Window Tint
  • Natural Window Tint
  • Clear Solar Tint

We can provide a multitude of different window tint and window tinting services to help you control heat, glare, and UV coming in through your windows.

Solar control tint

Safety With Solar Control Tint

Current Health & Safety and Display Screen Equipment Regulations make it the employer's responsibility to provide a comfortable working environment. Staff productivity and attendance can be greatly affected due to high temperatures and glare that can cause eye-strain, headaches and fatigue amongst other things, all of which can be resolved by installing a solar control film. We offer collar control wind tinting services in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Berkshire as well as the surrounding areas.