Domestic window tinting

Window tinting for your home can have a huge impact on the comfort of your space, whether you are looking for privacy window tinting, heat rejection window tinting, glare reduction window tinting, or just UV Protection window tinting we can provide you with the comfort you deserve! No more faded furniture, decorations, or precious photos, all our films come with 99% UV protection built in as standard.

Residential tinting

Home Window Tinting

Our reflective films are our most popular types of window tint, by providing your home with complete privacy window tinting during the daytime as well as fantastic glare reduction window tinting and heat rejection window tinting you will certainly see a difference in the comfort of your home. We also offer natural looking window film options which will reduce a significant amount of glare and heat coming into your home whilst also keeping a good amount of visibility and natural light coming into your space. Get in touch with us to schedule in a free consultation and have a look at our wide range of films with one of our experts.

Residential tinting

Bi-Fold Window Tinting

Bifold doors can be a fantastic addition to any home, by bringing in plenty of light and allowing great views into your garden they can be a much-needed addition to your home, unfortunately for many homeowners this reality can become a burden with large amounts of glare, heat, and UV causing uncomfort in your space. By investing in our window tinting services, you can guarantee that your bi fold doors will once again be the feature in your home you dreamed of! With our fantastic range of films we can help you keep in control of sunlight and offer superb heat rejection films, glare reduction films, and UV Reduction films. Get in touch with us to see what solution we can offer!

UV Protection Window Tint

Our UV protection films provide your home with Museum grade UV protection, from stopping furniture from fading to protecting valuable photos and decorations we can provide a perfect solution for you. All of our films come with 99% UV protection as standard, even our completely clear film. Whatever your preferred design choice is, rest assured knowing that choosing our UV filtering window tint will be the right choice for you and your home.

Mirrored Window Tint

Our reflective mirrored tint can provide your home with much needed privacy. If your home suffers from compromised privacy get in touch with us to see what solution we can provide for you.

Our mirrored privacy window tinting services will provide you with complete daytime privacy whilst still being able to see out, reclaim your homes privacy and upgrade your windows with our mirrored window film.

Natural Tint

Our natural range of window film is designed for buildings which require a natural finish, our natural Window Film offers a perfect balance of privacy and natural light transmission. By offering superb heat rejection as well as glare and UV protection this film would be perfect for any household looking to increase the performance of their windows whilst maintaining a more natural look.

Frosted Tint

Our frosted window film is ideal for creating a completely private environment day and night. This film is ideal for anyone looking to give their home complete privacy.

Our high quality frosted window film will provide you with a frosted effect on the glass restricting views in our out of your property.

Residential tinting

High Quality Materials

No matter which type of tint you choose, you can rest assured that all of our products are made of high-quality materials and installed by our team of experienced professionals. With our help, you can enjoy improved comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency in your home, gazebo, or garden lodge. Contact us today to learn more about our window tinting services and get started on your project.

We offer Residential window tinting services in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Berkshire as well as the surrounding areas.