Reclaim Your Conservatory Comfort

Many homeowners struggle to keep their conservatories comfortable, especially in the summer. With excessive heat build-up and even glare causing problems, our window films can help you reclaim your conservatories comfort! Our conservatory window tinting services can help you in controlling the amount of heat coming in with our heat rejection films, as well as reducing glare and UV with our glare reduction films and UV reduction films.

What We Provide-

  • Heat rejection window tinting for conservatories
  • Glare reduction window tinting for conservatories
  • UV protection window tinting for conservatories
  • Free consultations to help pick the best film for you
Conservatory Tinting

Heat Rejection

Heat rejection during summer months is one of the biggest factors which cause many homeowners choose our conservatory window tinting services. Our film is able to block out up to 90% of heat coming into your conservatory, whether it is through the glass roof or side panels we can fit our film to help you reclaim the comfort in your conservatory. Our conservatory tinting service can provide you and your conservatory with a drastic reduction in the amount of heat coming in from the sunlight, allowing for a cooler and more efficient space. Our advanced tinting solutions effectively block out excess heat and glare to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature even on the hottest days. As a result, you can transform your conservatory into a cosy retreat to relax, entertain guests, or pursue your hobbies.

Dual Reflective Tinting

Our dual reflection tinting offers a versatile approach to improve your conservatory experience. By reflecting a portion of visible light and solar heat away from the interior, it effectively reduces glare and heat buildup, creating a more relaxing environment for you to enjoy year-round. Moreover, our team of skilled professionals takes great care to ensure seamless application of tinting films, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. With us, you can be sure that your space will not only look great but also remain comfortable for a long period.

Energy Efficiency Tinting

Transform your conservatory into a more energy-efficient space with our specialised energy-efficiency tinting services. Our solutions are meant to enhance the performance of your windows by effectively managing heat transfer. How does it work? By reflecting infrared radiation, a major source of heat, away from the interior during scorching hot days. Conversely, during colder weather, our tinting works to retain heat inside, ensuring a cosy atmosphere while minimising heat loss.

Anti-Glare Tinting

We understand the frustration caused by excessive sunlight creating harsh glare and making it difficult to spend time in your conservatory. Our anti-glare tinting film is specially crafted to address this issue, featuring materials that effectively diffuse sunlight while maintaining optimal brightness. By reducing glare, our tinting film creates a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere, allowing you to fully enjoy your conservatory without squinting or discomfort. Plus, our tinting film provides added protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding your skin from damage.

Fade Protection Tinting

Fade protection tinting for conservatories safeguards interior furnishings, fabrics, and surfaces from the damaging effects of UV rays. These tinting films are formulated to block a significant portion of UV radiation, which is a primary cause of fading and deterioration in furniture, flooring, and other items exposed to sunlight. With our comprehensive fade protection tinting services in Oxfordshire, you will have peace of mind knowing that your conservatory is protected against the harmful effects of sunlight. As a result, you can enjoy the beauty of your home without worrying about fading or deterioration.

Conservatory Tinting

Experience a Variety Of Benefits

Window tinting for your conservatory will have more benefits than heat rejection, many conservatories have a considerably larger area of glass exposed to the sun than any other room in the house. This would make it extra important to know that your furniture, decorations, photos, and skin is protected from the suns harmful UV rays. All of our film comes with 99% UV protection as standard no matter what type of film you choose.

Glare reduction can be another factor to consider, especially for south facing conservatories, the glare in some cases can be almost unmanageable having to close blinds or blocking out sunlight. Having to do this in your conservatory can almost make it feel like a waste of space as you are not able to enjoy a moderate and pleasant amount of sunlight in a room that is essentially meant for that.

Conservatory Tinting

Our glare reduction window tints and glare reduction window tinting services for conservatories can help your regain control of your space, allowing you to be able to relax knowing that our films will help block out up to 70% of glare coming in through your conservatory windows.

Overall, we believe at Glacier Tinting that any conservatory would benefit from having our window film installed, contact us today to see how we can improve the living experience in your conservatory. We offer conservatory window tinting services in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Berkshire as well as the surrounding areas.