Silver 30 Window Film
Silver 30 Window Film

When applied to windows, our Silver 30 window tinting film provides excellent all-round value. Offering increased privacy, good heat rejection, fantastic glare control and by cutting down on fading, achieves a very high performance and is our most popular product in the privacy window film line.

Next up is a practical case study highlighting how incredibly versatile and highly effective the Silver 30 privacy window tinting film is. The client wanted to improve the privacy in their property whilst also reducing heat. This client was advised that the Silver 30 film, renowned for its silver mirrored finish, would more than do the job. Once fitted, the client was amazed by the significant boost in privacy the Silver 30 film provided. And thanks to this film being reflective to the exterior, as a result of the mirrored finish it's famous for, this new-found privacy doubled up as a one-way mirror during the day. Also, the decision to have the Silver 30 window tinting film installed to the skylights was made, mainly down to the film's superior heat reduction properties. The now cooler, more comfortable indoor environment has even made those short, sharp summer showers that little bit more bearable.

Residential window film does more than just improve the appearance of your home. By reducing harsh glare, our window tint film can help eliminate eyestrain and make it easier to see the television or computer screen. Additionally, some of our home window films can reduce uncomfortable hot spots which can reduce energy costs.

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